Don’t judge a game by its name, Ascendant Infinity is nowhere near as dull as it sounds

March 14, 2024
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I can’t think of a worse name than Ascendant Infinity for a game about high-action, tactical shooting, PvPvE chaos on a procedural map with a brash and loud, 80s inspired aesthetic. Like, what does Ascendant Infinity even mean? It’s a nonsense name that really doesn’t sell how energetic and fun this upcoming title can be!

A quick search in our CMS brings up a bunch of games with ‘Ascend’ in the name – Ascend New Gods, Ascend: Hand of Kul, Ark: Survival Ascended, Astria Ascending, Tribes Ascend, Underworld Ascendant. They’re all as uninspired as Ascendant Infinity and honestly, the word Ascend is the ass end of where you should be looking to find a standout name for a game like this one.

Ascendant Infinity is such a snoozefest to read that my eyes nearly glazed over when I read the invite to the recent hands-on session that I attended. If it hadn’t been for the cheesy, 80s sitcom stylised trailer that accompanied the email, I probably would have politely declined it, but you know what? In the end I’m glad I didn’t because, as bad as Ascendant Infinity’s name is, I had a lot of fun playing two matches of the game’s core multiplayer mode, Battle for the Biocore.

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