Dave the Diver plunges into PlayStation Plus Game Catalog April 16

April 2, 2024
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Greetings. I’m Jaeho Hwang, the director and game designer behind Dave the Diver. I’m excited to bring Dave the Diver to PlayStation 5 on April 16, expanding the game’s horizons and inviting more players through the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog. 

Dave the Diver is a unique hybrid ocean adventure that combines ocean exploration with sushi restaurant management. At the heart of the game lies the core gameplay loop, narrative, characters, and captivating mini-games. 

Our journey kicked off with a simple concept: a diving game in which a deep Blue Hole serves as a mystical dungeon populated by fish that double as enemies and items to loot. In the early days of the prototype, the gameplay revolved primarily around catching fish and trading them for currency, but we soon felt that we could do more with these aquatic creatures. 

This led to the introduction of a sushi restaurant mechanic that allowed players to prepare culinary delights from their underwater catch. Of course, this was enough to make for good gameplay, and as the lynchpin of our gameplay loop, this addition was praised in internal reviews. However, in an effort to spice things up and prevent monotony, we focused on our unique characters to create compelling and fun side content which ended up adding a dash of individuality to the experience. 

Cooking contest

While the initial gameplay focuses on preparing the menu and serving delectable dishes in the bustling sushi restaurant, players will later find themselves entangled in the culinary excitement of a cooking contest. This addition elevates the gameplay beyond just serving food and immerses players in a new cook-off experience that complements the game’s overarching theme. 

Seahorse racing 

Halfway through the game, players will stumble upon a new deep-sea mini-game allowing them to send seahorses to race through the village. With a variety of seahorses sporting unique stats scattered throughout the Blue Hole, the feat of collecting and racing these creatures adds a thrilling element to the gameplay experience. 

Taking photographs

Beneath the waves of the Blue Hole lies a diverse ecosystem, where players will encounter both aggressive and peace-loving amiable fish species. In the midst of this underwater tapestry, players can now enjoy the tranquil activity of photographing these peaceful aquatic inhabitants. Players earn rewards by snapping shots of these creatures without the need for combat or capture and presenting their discoveries to Udo, the photographer. You should also try your hand at photographing some fish that only appear at night!

Duff’s rhythm Game 

This is the most delightful twist that caught everyone off guard; What on earth is this rhythm game with an anime title song doing in the diving game?! One of our characters, Duff, an avid fan of Stra Stella – a fictional anime within the game – embarks on a musical journey to attend a dream concert featuring beloved characters. To inject a burst of dynamism we introduced this mini-game with a vibrant backdrop, steering clear of monotony and offering a refreshing twist to the overall gaming experience. 

We set out to present different gameplay elements to create a new kind of experience, mixing everything from culinary showdowns to rhythmic reveries. And, of course, it’s all brought to life by a cast of charming characters. Additionally, Dave the Diver on PS5 features haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for increased sensory engagement. Navigate the mysterious depths and feel the delicate vibrations in the variety of mini-games that await exploration in the deep-sea!  

Also a reminder: get ready for this coming May, as the legendary Godzilla makes his way into Dave’s world! Stay tuned to witness what new fun this colossal kaiju will unleash. Remember, anything is possible in the Blue Hole.

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