Roblox Studio boss: children making money on the platform isn’t exploitation, it’s a gift

April 4, 2024
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Roblox remains a gigantic phenomenon, boasting monthly player numbers of over 200 million – close to double the entirety of Steam – and a pattern of growth that defies the recent struggles of the wider games industry.

It also remains controversial, as exemplified by People Make Games’ accusation in 2021 that Roblox is “exploiting” young developers on the platform, with many of those developers under the age of 18.

The accusation then involved the system of paying developers a fraction of their in-game earnings via Roblox’s in-game currency, Robux, and Roblox also selling those Robux at much higher price than it buys them. This largely remains the same today, with 1000 Robux currently cashing out at $3.50, while buying 1000 Robux costs the equivalent of around $12.50.

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