Pokémon Go looks to be adding Fuse mechanic, as Necrozma confirmed for Go Fest

April 11, 2024
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Pokémon Go looks set to add a new mechanic from the main series Pokémon games: the concept of Pokémon Fusion.

References to Fusion have been found in a new datamine of the app (thanks, PokéMiners), and give a strong suggestion for how the mechanic may be implemented – as well as which Pokémon it will be activated for.

Fusion – which sees a separate Pokémon temporarily subsumed by another – would be a fun addition, and is fitting to add now ahead of Necrozma’s arrival at Go Fest 2024 – teased by developer Niantic during this week’s real-life solar eclipse, and now fully confirmed as being available during this summer’s Go Fest events via raid battles.

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