Explore Azeroth in first-person with this new World Of Warcraft VR Mod

April 14, 2024
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Before you watch this week’s episode of VR Corner, please bear in mind that I’ve never really played World of Warcraft before. That means you won’t see any high level raiding in my coverage, but you will get a lot of confused bumbling, cow killing and NPC kissing action instead. So a pretty standard VR Corner then!

Developed by veteran Flat2VR modders Marulu and Streetrat, World of Warcraft VR is a work in progress mod that lets you play World of Warcraft in VR and even experience the world of Azeroth from a first-person perspective too. This means that veteran players will finally be able to virtually visit iconic locations from the game and inspect the assets and inhabitants as if they were actually there.

While World of Warcraft VR does feature 6 DoF head tracking and VR motion controls, VR interactions are mainly limited to using virtual pointers to select targets and UI buttons. You can’t swing swords or physically interact with items and there’s no first-person body model to ground you in the world, but this shouldn’t impact the enjoyment of WoW fans who just want to see their favourite fantasy world through the eyes of their chosen avatar.

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