EA Sports F1 24: new details on overhauled Career and Dynamic Handling, coming May 31

April 19, 2024
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Be one of the 20 in EA Sports F1 24, the official game of the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship, arriving earlier than previous seasons for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on May 31.

Through the introduction of the new EA Sports Dynamic Handling, players will feel even closer to the action. Additionally, for the first time, join the grid in Career mode as a driver from the 2024 F1 season.

EA Sports F1 24: new details on overhauled Career and Dynamic Handling, coming May 31

Drive like the greatest

Working closely with current World Champion and Champions Edition cover star Max Verstappen, the new EA Sports Dynamic Handling redefines the feel of the car to produce a realistic and predictable performance across wheel and pad.

The driving experience is improved with entirely revamped suspension dynamics, an advanced tyre model, sophisticated aerodynamic simulation, and new car setup and engine options. Cornering, rolling resistance, brake pressure, and the ability to react to changes in ambient track temperature and fluctuating conditions are all greatly improved.

On PS5, this is further enhanced thanks to high-definition feedback through the DualSense controller’s rumble, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers; allowing you to feel every bump, kerb, and subtle shift in traction as your race.  

Greater authenticity

Improvements made to various circuits enhance the experience during race week, including significant updates to Silverstone for even greater accuracy. 

Modifications to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Lusail International Circuit, and Jeddah Corniche Circuit guarantee that these tracks align with their actual world equivalents. 

Cinematic replays, broadcast camera angles and showrooms once again feature ray-traced lighting on PS5, with on-track action benefitting from Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination, offering a more realistic feel to light and shadows.

A new broadcast presentation package and cutscenes add to the race day immersion. In addition, actual driver audio samples taken from F1 broadcasts add a new dimension, as they react to on-track incidents. 

Sound in general plays a massive part in the overall racing experience. With spatial diffraction and reflection (compatible headphones required), you’ll be able to hear the difference between racing on a tightly-packed street circuit, compared to the vast plains of a circuit in the desert.

Revamped Career

In the revamped Career mode, players have the opportunity to become F1 drivers from the 2024 roster, promising contenders from the F2 scene, or iconic drivers from the past.

Two new Icons are introduced exclusively for those with the Champions Edition of F1 24: James Hunt, a former World Champion, and Juan Pablo Montoya, the most accomplished F1 driver from Colombia.

Further innovations to Career mode include:

Gain Recognition: Establish your reputation in the Paddock by achieving on-track goals. Stay concentrated on the finish line with race-day tasks. Fulfilling Contract Targets can aid in securing a new contract or lead to confidential discussions about switching to a fierce competitor.

R&D Upgrades: Driver reputation also influences the level of support received from the team. The higher the reputation, the more motivated the team. Players can invest fully in a single innovation or distribute resources for a more balanced progression.

Earn Accolades: Apart from short-term accomplishments, every driver has long-term goals based on seasonal expectations. These could vary from a certain number of Top 10 finishes, Pole Positions, to winning the World Championship.

Race with a Friend: Collaborate or compete in a two-player Career mode, with each of the Career mode changes applied. With individual driver goals, players need to remain focused to become the top driver of the team.

Challenge Career: An ideal starting point before taking on a 24-race season. Step into the role of a pre-chosen F1 driver and participate in a series of mini seasons, with community voting shaping the conditions and tracks for future events.

F1 World returns

F1 World, the platform for Multiplayer, Grand Prix, Time Trial returns for a second season with a new addition: Fanzone.

During a Podium Pass season, players get to choose their preferred team and driver and participate in a time-restricted league that spans the entire season, including cooperative objectives whilst competing against opposing teams.

Available to pre-order now

Players who pre-order the digital-exclusive Champions Edition by May 1 will get immediate access to a selection of 2024 liveries for use in F1 23’s special Time Trial mode, as well as the two new Icons, 18,000 PitCoin, an F1 World Bumper Pack, up to three days of early access starting May 28 including exclusive Verstappen-inspired special events with unique unlockable rewards, and one bonus VIP Podium Pass.

Plus, those who own F1 2021, F1 22, or F1 23 on PlayStation, can take advantage of a 15% loyalty discount on F1 24 Champions Edition pre-orders Load any of these games to find out how.

Players pre-ordering the Standard Edition will receive 5,000 PitCoin and an F1 World Starter Pack.

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