Exploring Watch Dogs’ Chicago map in REAL VR is an absolute treat for the eyes

May 5, 2024
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I love a spot of virtual tourism, me. During the pandemic, I would scratch my travelling itches with some nice big sessions on Google Earth VR, where I would retrace my steps from holidays of old or explore new places I’ve always wanted to go.

But those little imaginary expeditions pale in comparison to being able to actually wander around fully realised virtual worlds as a tourist, which is basically exactly what I did in this week’s VR Corner thanks to a brand new update for Luke Ross’ REAL VR mod. By the way, REAL stands for ‘Reality Enhancement Augmentation Layer’ if you’ve ever wondered!

I’ve featured plenty of Luke’s mods on VR Corner before, but my favourite ones of his are always the ones with open-worlds that feel almost like real places. Thanks to the level of detail in the Chicago map that Ubisoft built for it’s open-world hack-em-up, Watch Dogs, it’s easy to imagine that you’re really there. There’s so much variety to the environments and buildings and so many lovely little details for you to lean towards and inspect. These range from the first person interiors of the game’s cars, through to some of the most delicious looking muffins I’ve ever seen and even Aidan Pearce’s teeth!

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