Tower of Fantasy version 4.0 introduces a new open-world update on May 28

May 14, 2024
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Hello, Wanderers, or should I say, Authorizers? Welcome back! I’m SKY, the lead designer at Hotta Studio of Perfect World Games, and I’m bursting with excitement to share some thrilling news with you. Tower of Fantasy version 4.0, Gesthos Sector, is on the horizon, slated for release on May 28. 

In this upcoming update, we’re introducing an entirely new breathtaking urban-style open world, all infused with futuristic charm and technological wonders. Version 4.0 also brings with it a diverse cast of new companions, each with their own captivating stories and unique abilities. 

We have also prepared a series of events. After the version is released, participating in events, you can get up to 188 draws, 1000 Dark Crystals. We look forward to your participation!

Gesthos Sector

After experiencing the adventures of the Domain 9, I believe you are already familiar with Gesthos—the supercomputer nestled within the headquarters of Hykros. Its recent descent into a state of shutdown due to a virus invasion, potentially causing a severe Omnium crisis. To find the virus that threatens the system, you will become an Authorizer, uploading your consciousness into a virtual world calculated by it—the Gesthos Network World. 

Picture this: a realm meticulously crafted by Gesthos, mirroring the pre-Cataclysmic era of Aida in all its glory. Here, Omnium technology reigns supreme, orchestrating a thriving technological revolution amidst unparalleled prosperity.

A friendly tip: after the version 4.0 is released, newcomers won’t need to complete the previous chapters, you’re granted direct passage to the latest marvel—the Gesthos Sector!

And your first stop upon arrival is Aesperia. 

Behold towering edifices adorned with shimmering holographic billboards, while a symphony of aircraft dances across the azure skies. Embark on an urban trip along gravity rails, bask in tranquil vacations along the sun-kissed shores of Astra…enjoy the seamless fusion of technological marvels and natural splendor. And for those with an appetite for discovery, you can also delve deeper into this world through puzzle-solving gameplay and exploration tasks.

An officer and a phantom thief

In your quest to resolve the viral threat, you’ll find yourself entangled in the complex power struggles of Aesperia’s factions. But fear not, as new friends stand ready to aid you in your endeavors.

Meet Roslyn, a fresh recruit of the Federation Police. With a blend of dedication and charm, she tirelessly pursues justice while lending a helping hand to those in need. Recently, it seems she has been demoted to a junior officer due to a failed mission.

While designing the character, our focus lies in capturing her serene yet contemplative aura. Picture her engrossed in thought, idly toying with handcuffs—a subtle allure that is sure to captivate hearts effortlessly. Her love for kitty is unmistakable, a trait reflected in her design. Roslyn wields “Calm Waters”, a weapon crafted from her grandfather’s ship anchor. With a frost/volt attribute, it’s a testament to her maritime heritage. 

Embracing the ship anchor’s distinctive characteristics, we’ve infused the combat dynamics with interactive intricacies. Designed for mid-range engagements, Calm Waters prioritizes agility and versatility on the battlefield. Therefore, we’ve experimented with allowing Roslyn to throw the ship anchor to generate different striking angles, using acceleration to increase the damage. 

In crafting her skills, we leverage the anchor chain, using its dual-ended design to unleash a flurry of attacks. The fluid interplay between the anchor’s bulk and the short blade results in a mesmerizing ballet of chaos —a spectacle of elegance amidst the combat.

And then there’s the enigmatic figure of Ace, the elusive thief who has been the focus of Roslyn’s relentless pursuit. Have you taken note of the baseball bat she wields? Ace named it “Poppin’ Stick”, a powerful attack weapon. Despite her status as a top-tier thief, Ace harbors a genuine desire to uphold fairness and justice through her actions, a paradox that adds depth to her character. In fact, she’s gone so far as to assemble a band of like-minded individuals, forming the renowned phantom thief organization known as “Wednesday”.

But here’s where things get truly interesting. Beyond the surface-level cat-and-mouse chase lies a deepe connection between Ace and Roslyn—a relationship shrouded in secrecy and ripe with untold history.

In addition, following the launch of version 4.0, the incredibly popular simulacrum, Lan, will join the free pick SSR weapon pool!

Upload adventure anew

Upon embarking into version 4.0, you’ll gain access to an exclusive Authorizer’s Terminal—an indispensable tool that not only facilitates seamless exploration of new territories but also enhances the precision of map data. Boasting a myriad of practical features, including SMS communication, an Uber-inspired transportation app, and music playback capabilities, this device is your key to unlocking a world of convenience.

But that’s not all. By seamlessly integrating the world setting with main quests, we’ve also designed a new open-world gameplay. From repairing port tower to tracking down escaped robots and crafting stone sculptures, interactive engagements are scattered across the map, offering Authorizers a wealth of enriching experiences.

However, in this era of technology, be prepared to confront a host of challenges posed by intelligent machines. From the vigilant Patrol Droid to the formidable Formation Point Sphere α: Test Type, each presents a unique threat, demanding careful strategy and skillful navigation from players.

We have also prepared various activities. By participating in sign-ins and version-exclusive events, you can get up to 188 draws, 1000 Dark Crystals. But that’s not all—prepare to be charmed by our latest addition: the free dandelion vehicle, Fluffy. Infused with natural allure, this whimsical mode of transportation promises to elevate your adventures with its enchanting presence. 

And let’s not forget the debut of the first-ever dual-seater sports car. With its sleek design, fully automatic cruise, and driving functions, this marvel of engineering promises to redefine exploration in Aesperia. From its captivating aesthetics to its unparalleled performance, it’s poised to become the ultimate choice for discerning Authorizers.

Mark your calendars, as Tower of Fantasy version 4.0 is set to launch on May 28! With an array of exhilarating features awaiting your discovery, we eagerly anticipate embarking on this thrilling new journey together. See you in the latest version!

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