Helldivers 2 is “working on a solution” for griefing lobby leaders who kick teammates before the mission ends

May 26, 2024
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Don’t worry, Helldivers – developer Arrowhead has a solution for unscrupulous hosts who are kicking fireteam members from the lobby just before they secure their rewards.

Asked if players could “keep 50 percent of the samples collected if [they] get kicked by an arsehole lobby leader when the dropship has been called” – a fair question given griefing does happen in Helldivers 2 – community manager Twinbeard stressed that a “solution” is on the way.

“We’re actually working on a solution to mitigate problems with, well, ‘getting kicked by an arsehole lobby leader’ as someone once eloquently put it,” Twinbeard responded in the game’s Discord community. “No ETA on that, but it’s coming.”

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