Concord is now available to pre-order; Early Access and beta detailed

June 6, 2024
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Hey everyone! After revealing Concord last week, we’re excited to continue unpacking more about the game and answering your questions in the days and weeks ahead, beginning today with more information about how you and your friends can check out our upcoming beta, details on the physical and digital editions of the game for PS5 and PC¹, and how you can get early access to Concord when it launches in August.

From the very beginning, we wanted Concord to be a complete multiplayer-focused experience that combines engaging gameplay, rewarding progression, and a robust roster of characters, maps, and game modes right out of the gate, while also creating a platform for us to evolve and expand the game and universe over time.

When it launches in August, Concord will debut in a standard edition (available in both physical and digital versions for $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99 / ¥4,480 MSRP) that provides the full Concord experience, including all 16 playable Freegunners, 12 unique maps set on various worlds, and six distinct team-based game modes, which will expand shortly after launch with regular, post-launch updates for all players at no additional cost. 

Alongside the Standard Edition, we will also have a Digital Deluxe Edition ($59.99 / £49.99 / €59.99 / ¥6,480 MSRP) that includes additional cosmetics to personalize your Freegunner crew and, for those eager to jump in and play, early access to Concord when it launches this August. The Digital Deluxe Edition will grant up to 72 hours of early access before Concord’s global launch on August 23. It also includes the Northstar Freegunner’s cosmetics pack, which grants you 16 Northstar themed Freegunner outfits; one for each of the 16 playable Freegunners available at launch.

Get Vale’s Monarch Pack and early access to the Concord beta

We’re excited for you to meet and learn more about the characters of Concord, including Vale—an adept sniper who you saw in our gameplay reveal trailer using her biomechanical legs to leap above the battlefield and land precision shots on enemies. To receive the Monarch Pack cosmetic pack, which includes the Monarch Frontliner outfit for Vale and Dead Reckoner weapon skins for her sniper rifle and side-arm. You can,  pre-order the standard edition of Concord or purchase the Digital Deluxe at any time.

Seeing Vale and the other Freegunners in action in gameplay footage is one thing, but there’s no substitute for experiencing the game for yourself. That’s why we’re hosting a pre-launch beta, simultaneously on PS5 and PC with cross-play support. Those that pre-order will have an opportunity to be among the first to play Concord—and you’ll be able to bring your friends.

Pre-ordering any edition of Concord will grant you five codes for our Beta Early Access weekend in July, allowing you to team up with your friends on PS5 and PC and take on rival crews across the galaxy. Stay tuned for more details about the Beta beta in the coming weeks, including the dates of Early Access and Open Beta, and more. 

Pre-orders for PS5 are now live at participating retailers, PlayStation Store, and Pre-Purchase for PC on Steam and the Epic Store. 

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¹ Account for PlayStation™Network and internet connection required. Paid for PlayStation®Plus membership (sold separately) required on PS5. PlayStation Plus membership subject to recurring subscription fee taken automatically until cancellation. Age restrictions apply. Full terms:

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