MultiVersus is a Smash Bros. clone that feels like a smartphone game, spoiled by its monetisation

June 8, 2024
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MultiVersus has only been fully launched a week, but already there’s an oasis of leaks – and player excitement – mapping out much of what’s already set to arrive in the game next. Warner Bros’ free-to-play platform fighter is designed as a nexus point for characters and franchises to come together and beat each other up, Super Smash Bros. style, with a rotating roster of unlocked combatants that changes every 24 hours. And it’s this growing roster of famous faces that is clearly designed to be its star.

As someone who plays Fortnite on the daily, the concept of a live-service game sustained by a conveyor belt of crossover content is nothing new – and countless games are doing it. From Call of Duty: Warzone to Fall Guys mobile rip-off Stumble Guys, everyone is inviting Snoop Dogg or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to their party. Smash Bros. itself gave up being Nintendo-centric years ago, with Ultimate hosting everyone from Fallout’s Vault Boy to Minecraft’s Steve.

In MultiVersus, there’s the expected representation from Warner Bros.’ own stable of game franchises, with a base roster that bares striking resemblence to the publisher’s previous multiverse effort Lego Dimensions – its enjoyable toys-to-life project that was sadly wound down before its time. There’s plenty of faces from the DC Universe, Scooby-Doo, Adventure Time and Gremlins, then, with more likely to follow, alongside cartoon favourites such as the Looney Tunes gang, Tom & Jerry, plus Rick and Morty.

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