Ghost of Tsushima VR is now a REAL thing thanks to this new mod

June 9, 2024
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Master modder Luke Ross has released yet another update to his REAL VR mod and for the first time in ages it’s not for a Ubisoft game!

On this week’s VR Corner, I take a look a Luke’s flat screen to VR mod for Sucker Punch’s epicly beautiful Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut on PC. The video itself shows off sections from the first 90 minutes of the game, which features some graphically immense moments like charging a horse through a barrage of burning arrows and a one-on-one dual fought in an arena full of bright red leaves.

As with all of Luke’s REAL VR mods, this one is controlled with a gamepad but, just like the flat game, it’s played from a third-person viewpoint only. This is something that wound a lot of people up when I featured his flat to VR mod for Watch Dogs but I honestly have no issues with either of those things. I just enjoy having the option to experience these games with added 6DoF visuals, but I must say that this one did appear to have a lot more of the weird artifacting and asset jittering that seems to be an unfortunate side effect of the Alternate Eye Rendering 2.0 technique that his mods use.

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