Aero GPX is the F-Zero GX sequel Nintendo won’t make

June 12, 2024
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Yes, F-Zero 99 was a cute diversion after Nintendo’s high speed racing series seemingly went into hibernation, but fans are still waiting for that next proper F-Zero game to arrive.

It turns out, though, we didn’t need Nintendo after all. Solo developer Aaron McDevitt has developed Aero GPX, a futuristic racer that’s F-Zero in all but name. Grands prix of 30 colourful characters? Rollercoaster tracks? A banging electro-rock soundtrack? Check, check, check.

It’s presented in a cartoonish, cel-shaded aesthetic that brings to mind the Japan-only F-Zero anime GP Legend, and provides a clean, crisp look to the super fast racing. And yes, it’s very fast.

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