Starfield fans aren’t happy Bethesda’s charging £6 for a single Creation mission

June 12, 2024
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Starfield players have left a flurry of negative reviews on Steam – more than 500 in the last 48 hours – following the launch of the game’s Creations storefront.

While the Creation Kit is free to download, this method of adding customised content to the game also opens the doors to paid add-ons built by both Bethesda and fans. And it’s one of these – a single mission named The Vulture priced at 700 Starfield Creation Credits (roughly £6.30) that has prompted the current ruckus.

For starters, this is the second mission in the Trackers Alliance series (the first, titled The Starjacker is free) and it sounds like Bethesda has more on the way. Players have criticised the relatively high price for a single quest, and that this opens the door to more in the future.

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