Polish developer apologises following criticism for naked sauna job requirement

June 21, 2024
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A Polish developer has come under fire for expecting employees to agree to mandatory sauna sessions.

In a now viral LinkedIn exchange, Spectrum Studio creative director Jacek Piórkowski approached narrative designer and writer Aleksandra Wolna about working for his studio. Wolna replied to state Piórkowski had previously approached her about a job, and she had declined as it required her to agree to mandatory and reportedly naked sauna sessions.

“Jacek started a conversation with me under a post about me looking for a job. I did my research on him and his studio and politely declined because of the sauna thing,” Wolna told Eurogamer. “I later posted about the situation about All In Games employees that weren’t getting paid and are now looking for a job, since I am also owed a lot of money by this company. Suddenly, Jacek appeared offering me a job again.”

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