The Sims 4 is turning up the heat with its super sexy Lovestruck expansion pack

June 28, 2024
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The Sims team keeps bringing the heat. As part of its “summer of love” efforts, it has announced a new expansion pack for its life-simulation game.

It’s known as the Sims 4 Lovestruck Expansion Pack, and if the reveal trailer is anything to go by, it promises plenty of sexy shenanigans including gyrating while wearing an oversized aubergine costume. Excuse me for one moment, I need to go and get myself a cold drink, ’cause things just got steamy!

“It’s time to open your heart to romance in the beautiful world of Ciudad Enamorada! Go on swoon-worthy dates in the neighbourhood; your Sims will be able to hunt for the best spot to try the romantic blanket in the city’s gardens, dance until morning at their favourite night club, or even experience the beautiful simplicity of sitting together to watch the stars,” reads the official blurb.

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