Chained Together is highly entertaining in VR thanks to Praydog’s UEVR mod

June 30, 2024
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Praydog’s UEVR mod is absolutely astonishing. The fact that I could use it to instantly give current internet darling Chained Together a fully playable VR mode just blows my mind. This incredible mod injector doesn’t work perfectly for every Unreal Engine 4/5 game (I wanted to do Still Wakes the Deep this week but it’s a bit flakey for me) but, as you’ll see in this week’s VR Corner, Chained Together basically felt like it was made for VR.

Sure, there are no motion controls or first person viewpoint with it, but the sense of distance, depth and scale brought by the 6DoF VR meant that I found it much easier to judge the jumps between obstacles using UEVR than I did playing in flat. Chained Together in VR even works seemlessly in online co-op, which the lovely Jim Trinca (playing in flat) helped me demonstrate as we tried our very best to reach the top of Hell itself.

You can watch Jim and I fall for each other on the video player above or, if you’d rather drop a like on the YouTube version, you can find that embedded below these words!

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