Grand Theft Auto 5 Trevor DLC scrapped as GTA Online was such a “cash cow”, developer says

July 5, 2024
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A developer who worked on Rockstar’s scrapped GTA 5 single-player Trevor DLC has discussed the project’s cancellation and expressed regret it never saw the light of day.

The existence of GTA 5 single-player DLC, in which fan-favourite character Trevor Philips would have taken a starring role, has been discussed previously, and fans have wondered for some time if they’d ever hear more on why it was never released – though the sheer magnitude of GTA Online’s success always seemed the reason why Rockstar ultimately priotised its resources there.

Now, speaking to YouTube channel SanInPlay, former Rockstar senior camera artist and virtual cinematographer Joseph Rubino has discussed his work on the project – and why it was cancelled.

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