Creating a Legend: How Respawn delivers diverse representation in Apex Legends

July 6, 2024
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Hello! Eurogamer is once again marking Pride with another week of features celebrating the intersection of LGBTQIA+ culture and gaming in all its guises. And if you’re only just joining us, you can see everything you’ve missed so far this week (and over the last five years, in fact) on our brand-new Pride Week hub. Today, though, Eurogamer’s Ed Nightingale chats to developer Respawn Entertainment about delivering diverse representation in Apex Legends.

The online hero shooter is a well-established genre these days, but Respawn’s Apex Legends has proven particularly popular, in part thanks to the diversity of its character roster.

Since its launch five years ago, Respawn has continued to add new Legends from all across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, most recently introducing asexual Legend Alter. But how are these Legends created? How does Respawn ensure its representation is authentic, and why is that important? I spoke with narrative lead Ashley Reed and Alter writer Jaclyn Seto to find out more.

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