Resident Evil 3 Review

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As the credits rolled on Resident Evil 3’s campaign, I immediately started playing it over again. Not because I felt like I missed anything the

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 Review

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I thought I would be bored by the time I beat up my 500,000th marine lackey, but to my surprise, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

Control: The Foundation DLC Review

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Control, which I called Great in my 2019 review ahead of its win as IGN’s Game of the Year, left me the way most memorable

Doom Eternal Final Review

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Now more than ever, I’ll take any chance I can get to feel like a demigod – even if it’s just in a video game.

Doom Eternal Multiplayer Review

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[Editor’s Note: FYI, this review specifically covers the multiplayer side of Doom Eternal. For my thoughts on the campaign, check out the single-player review.] Doom

Call of Duty: Warzone Review

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The Call of Duty: Warzone beta takes a vastly different approach than most other battle royales. Death is an inconvenience rather than the end, top-tier

My Hero One’s Justice 2 Review

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One of the most enduring parts of the My Hero Academia anime series, beyond its outstanding characters and heartbreaking storylines, is its insistence that behind

Temtem Early Access Review

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The question at the top of nearly every prospective Temtem player’s mind is, of course, “Is this just a Pokémon MMO?” After spending more than

Doom Eternal Single-Player Campaign Review

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[Heads up: this review is exclusively focused on Doom Eternal’s single-player campaign. The multiplayer mode, Battlemode, won’t be available until launch on March 20, so

MLB The Show 20 Review

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Considering the real MLB has recently delayed its 2020 season, MLB The Show 20 literally is the closest you’ll get to real pro baseball for