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An identity crisis in Observation: Explorin...

Jun 19, 2019Comments off

This piece contains significant spoilers for Observation! I doubt it’s a common occurrence for people, but for anyone with mental health issues, there’s a familiar situation to find yourself in: you’re in the aftermath of something


Days Gone for £34 and other top PS4 game d...

Jun 18, 2019Comments off

It’s about time we took another broad look across the web and gathered up all the very best PS4 game deals currently available – and there are some bargains to be found! Let’s start off with


Co-op Makes the Frantic Action of Wolfenste...

Jun 18, 2019Comments off

B.J. Blazkowicz is the FPS genre’s premiere lone-wolf hero. Unlike the grizzled Nazi-killing star, his twin daughter protégés appreciate the value of teamwork. Wolfenstein: Youngblood improves upon the iconic series’ silky gunplay with dynamic co-op action


Watch Dogs Legion’s London is impress...

Jun 18, 2019Comments off

Of course, Watch Dogs Legion’s E3 demo starts in a pub. It’s the kind of upmarket boozer where city types in chino suits manspread across leather sofas, necking Riesling after a hard day moving money between


FIFA 19 doesn’t use EA’s Dynami...

Jun 18, 2019Comments off

EA Sports has issued a statement denying the FIFA games make use of an EA patent that dynamically adjusts difficulty in video games. Whether FIFA has dynamic difficulty – or momentum as it’s sometimes called –


Fortnite patch adds new AOE healing item, m...

Jun 18, 2019Comments off

Fortnite’s latest update, v9.30, adds a new area-of-effect healing item named Chug Splash – although the biggest news from the patch comes from datamined details already posted online from those peeking through its files. Chug Splash


Citizens of Space Launches Tomorrow on PS4

Jun 17, 2019Comments off

I’m Ryan Vandendyck, game director for Citizens of Space and the creator of the Citizens franchise, and this is a window into a subtle, but crucially important, element of the design of the Citizens games —


Inside the Aquatic Advancements of Vacation...

Jun 17, 2019Comments off

Greetings, PS VR fans! I’m Graeme and I’m the Tech Director and All-Hat-Wearer at Owlchemy Labs. We’re excited for Vacation Simulator to make a splash on PlayStation VR tomorrow, and today I’m going to share a


Carrion is disgusting and I want to play it...

Jun 17, 2019Comments off

Of all the games I got to play at this year’s E3, Carrion was one of the most fun and absolutely the most unsettling. Played out in a blood-spattered pixel art style typical of publisher Devolver


Genesis is to Darksiders what Lara Croft an...

Jun 17, 2019Comments off

It’s tempting to think of Darksiders: Genesis as Darksiders does Diablo but, while they may look very much alike at first glance, the comparison is actually some way wide of the mark. An isometric view is