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Charge into battle in Battlefield 2042 – ...

May 27, 2023Comments off

Get ready to squad up in an all-new season of Battlefield 2042, coming June 7. Prepare to show no mercy as Season 5: New Dawn* puts your squad front and center. Experience the Battlefield 4-inspired Reclaimed


Share of the Week – Star Wars Jedi: Survi...

May 27, 2023Comments off

Last week, we asked you to focus in on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor hero Cal Kestis using #PSshare #PSBlog.. Here are this week’s highlights:  nahHermes shares a profile portrait of Cal with a close cropped haircut.

Lego 2K Drive – a plastic dream with ...

May 26, 2023Comments off

“Lego 2K Drive” sounds like a charity event: a two-kilometre fun run perhaps, sponsored by, or with the goal of donating, Lego. It is, in fact, a video game – an open-world racer, richly encrusted with

New patch for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum...

May 26, 2023Comments off

Daedalic Entertainment, publishers of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, has stated a patch for the game will be released tomorrow. Ahead of the game’s release yesterday, a day one patch was added to address crashing

Dolph Lundgren lets slip he’s in a Wi...

May 26, 2023Comments off

Movie star Dolph Lundgren has let slip he’s set to star in a Witcher spin-off TV show. Lundgren, perhaps most famous for playing boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky 4, told Swedish publication Aftonbladet he’s in South

Game of the Week: The weird world of licens...

May 26, 2023Comments off

Our game of the week is Warhammer 40K: Boltgun, a kind of wilful throwback to the glorious days of early shooters. Rick loved it – with caveats – and the whole premise has a gleeful immediacy

Official Mega Man slippers will leave you s...

May 26, 2023Comments off

Have you ever looked at Mega Man’s all blue aesthetic and thought, “yes, I like that ensemble, and I would absolutely wear it, but those boots just don’t look comfortable”? If you answered yes to that


Alone in the Dark Spotlight – Hollywood t...

May 26, 2023Comments off

Returning to the origin of survival horror with Alone in the Dark meant creating a faithful love letter for long-term fans, but also an accessible entry point for new players. Crafting a reimagining that modern gamers


Aliens: Dark Descent combines horror and st...

May 26, 2023Comments off

Hi, I’m Romain Clavier, Game Director at Tindalos Interactive, the studio developing Aliens: Dark Descent, a strategic real time squad-based tactical action game with rich management systems and twisted horrors. On June 20 you’ll be able

McDonald’s China selling limited edit...

May 25, 2023Comments off

2023 is apparently the 40th anniversary of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, and in most countries the company has launched a campaign giving away nugs for free in order to celebrate. In China, chicken fans are getting something