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Generation Zero review – an atmospher...

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Something’s gone horribly wrong here. You can’t put your finger on it, at least not at first. The world looks just as it should do

Fortnite’s The Floor is Lava LTM will...

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Remember hopping on chairs, sofas, the nearest parent – all to escape some imaginary lava? The floor is lava is a classic childhood game, and

How Resident Evil 2 exposes the horror of o...

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“The idea that you carry the seeds of your own destruction around with you, always, and that they can erupt at any time, is… scary.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds wants y...

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This weekend sees PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ second anniversary and to celebrate, the team at PUBG Corp. has shared a video update from CEO and executive producer,

One more character will drop before the end...

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Apex Legends’ next Legend will drop before the end of the battle royale’s first battle season period. While we’ve only recently been introduced to new

Space Junkies PSVR open beta shows promise,...

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I got absolutely thrashed the first couple of times I played the Space Junkies open beta on PSVR. At first I thought it was just

Is The Division 2 sending secret messages v...

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Players believe a room hidden within The Division 2 is communicating secrets by way of lights flashing Morse code. While we’ve not intentionally included any

Death Stranding hits a “critical phas...

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Hideo Kojima has confirmed the highly-anticipated Death Stranding has moved into a “critical phase” of development but as yet, the disparate sections of the game

Uncanny games with hidden rooms

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This piece contains spoilers for Sea of Thieves. For a while, a university friend of mine rented a bedsit in which one of the walls

Persona 5: The Royal announced, stars a mys...

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Big news in the world of Persona: Atlus has announced Persona 5: The Royal for PlayStation 4. The Royal stars a mysterious, unnamed new female