Stories Untold dev unveils prototype pigeon fighter Pekken

January 28, 2019
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Ever wanted to be a pigeon and remorselessly punch your birdie friends in the beak? Well then, this might be the Monday you’ve been waiting for – all thanks to Stories Untold developer NoCode and its bird-’em-up extraordinaire, Pekken (AKA “Beak Fighter II Turbo”, “Beaks of Rage”) .

Pekken, a “pigeon-themed, PS1-styled fighter”, made its Twitter debut over the weekend, after NoCode’s founder and creative director Jon McKellan rustled up a small slice of bird-on-bird melee action and chose to share it with the world. The resulting prototype, which pits Walter Peck against Jackie Bird in a featherweight fight to the death, can be seen below.

In a follow-up tweet that McKellan may yet live to regret, the developer promised that, once work on NoCode’s forthcoming sci-fi thriller Observation is complete, Pekken would be turned into an actual, proper game – provided that the original prototype video managed to amass 10,000 retweets. At the time of writing, the video has 7k retweets and counting.

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