Warframe’s Fortuna-expanding Profit-Taker update comes to Xbox One and PS4 tomorrow

January 28, 2019
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Warframe’s massive open-world Fortuna expansion is poised to get even larger on Xbox One and PS4 tomorrow, January 29th, courtesy of the new Profit-Taker update.

The Profit-Taker update initially launched on PC back in December, and is designed to enrich the original Fortuna experience with new missions, expanded lore, and a major new boss fight in the form of the titular Profit-Taker.

This formidable adversary (also known as the Orb Mother) is the giant robot spider seen patrolling the surface of Venus during developer Digital Extremes’ early showings of the Fortuna expansion. Defeating the creature requires the co-operative might of multiple players, and powerful new Archgun variants that can be wielded while on-foot.

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