Borderlands 3 YouTuber’s channel disappears amidst Take-Two investigation over leaks

August 16, 2019
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Earlier this month, the Borderlands 3 community was in uproar after YouTuber Matt “SupMatto” Somers, a prominent Borderlands content creator, published a video claiming Take-Two had sent private investigators to his house over Borderlands 3 leaks covered on his channel. Take-Two confirmed it was investigating Somers for profiting from breaking their policies and “illegal” activities, leading to arguments on social media over Somers’ innocence, and the #BoycottBorderlands3 hashtag.

The latest development in this story is that Somers’ channel has simply, well, disappeared.

Last week, several reddit users reported seeing a number of copyright strikes on SupMatto’s channel, which YouTube said were from Borderlands 3 publisher 2K Games (I took a look at the community page myself, and there were a lot). At the time it was unclear whether these had been filed after SupMatto’s video on Take-Two’s investigation, but given YouTube’s terms and conditions state there’s a seven-day grace period, this suggests the claims were made last Thursday – while Somers’ video was published on the Tuesday. It seems likely that this was the cause of the channel shutdown, although the exact number of strikes on SupMatto’s channel remains disputed.

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