Endless Ocean Luminous isn’t very good and I sort of love it

April 30, 2024
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Endless Ocean Luminous is the third game in a series I have never played, but that hasn’t mattered a bit. It’s a diving game and I can barely swim, but that hasn’t mattered a bit. It’s a game in which nothing much happens, and what does happen only happens very slowly. Don’t mind. It’s a game with a thirty-player multiplayer component, which is theoretically the big draw, but feels like the wrong way to play.

All of this is to say: I’m not sure that Endless Ocean Luminous is particularly good – and I certainly wouldn’t want every game to be like this. But I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

This is a diving game. You’re deep beneath the oceans, wet-suited up, and you’re a scientist of some kind, which in this game means you point at fish. Fish come past? Point at them. Flock of fish in the distance? (Is flock the right term?) Point at them too. Point at big fish and small fish. Point at sharks and minnows. You get the idea.

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