Whimsical narrative-adventure Pine Hearts sets up camp this May

April 30, 2024
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If you played the Steam demo of Pine Hearts – an emotional indie game from Hyper Luminal Games – and it left you wanting more, I have good news. It will be released in full on Steam next month. Oh, and that’s not all. Even though it was initially pegged to be a PC only release, it will also be coming to Nintendo Switch at the same time.

Pine Hearts will arrive on both platforms on 23rd May, publisher Little Nook announced today. The game is described as a “heartfelt love letter to all those who have experienced loss”, and one which will provide players with a “welcoming and cosy refuge” where they can unwind and reminisce on fond memories.

It all takes place in Pine Hearts Caravan Park. Here, players will take control of Tyke, who will reflect on the time he spent with his father while at the park. Along with meeting fellow campers, Tyke will also be able to participate in a number of camp-based activities, such as gathering wood for fires and eating marshmallows. A must when out in the wild. Importantly, he will also be able to pet dogs. You can check out the new trailer for Pine Hearts below.

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