(For Southeast Asia) Concord Beta dates announced, Beta Early Access launching July 13

June 28, 2024
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From the very first gameplay prototypes to getting the game ready before launch in August, playtesting Concord every day has been a defining aspect of development and core to our culture at Firewalk and our mission of delivering great-feeling multiplayer. There’s simply no substitute for getting your hands on a controller or mouse and keyboard, squadding up as a team, and experiencing the game for yourself.

That’s why we’re excited to share that your first chance to play Concord during our upcoming beta is just a couple of short weeks away! Here’s everything you need to know:

Concord Beta Early Access dates for Southeast Asia (July 13 – 15) and Open Beta (July 19 – 22)

In Southeast Asia, the Concord Beta will kick off with an Early Access weekend on PS5 and PC* from Saturday, July 13 through Monday, July 15. For those that pre-order, this early access weekend will be your opportunity to be among the first to play Concord—and you’ll get to bring your own crew. Those that pre-order any digital versions of Concord will get five codes for Concord Beta Early Access: one for you and four of your friends.

Following the Early Access weekend, the Concord Open Beta in Southeast Asia will be available to all players on PS5 and PC beginning on Friday, July 19 through Monday, July 22.

No matter what platform you play on, the Concord Beta Early Access and Open Beta will allow you to team up with friends on either PS5 or PC through optional cross-play support.

(For Southeast Asia) Concord Beta dates announced, Beta Early Access launching July 13

Play the full 16 Freegunner roster

You won’t have to wait until launch to find your favorite Freegunner(s). During the Concord beta weekends, you’ll be able to play as all 16 of the Freegunners that will be available at launch. Whether you like to run and gun, lock down an area, lay down fire from afar, or back up your team, there are Freegunners for players of a wide range of playstyles and skill levels.

From familiar faces like Haymar, Vale, Lennox, 1-0FF, and Star Child from the reveal trailer to other members of the Northstar crew, like It-Z, Teo, Bazz, and more, you’ll get to experiment and learn how each character brings distinct strategic abilities, traversal and gunplay feel, and, most of all, your own personality to the battlefield.

Explore (and Battle Across) Multiple Planets and Modes

Throughout both Concord Beta weekends, you’ll be able to visit and battle across multiple worlds and maps in the Concord Galaxy.

During the Concord Beta Early Access weekend, you’ll have a chance to play on four maps:·  Freewater: Set in a fortified outpost on the sun-scorched planet of Glance, Freewater features intersecting perimeter lanes and a large central courtyard in the middle of the map that serves as a prime convergence point and inspires intense combat engagements. 

Water Hazard: On the stormy water-covered planet of Leviathan, a massive, armored eel, known as a Morack, has been caught and is being harvested on a large floating fishing rig. Players will fight across the platform and within the jaws of the Morack in a primary harvesting site.

Star Chamber: Located atop the tallest mountain on the planet Gloom sits an ancient observatory with narrow corridors and a meteorite at the center, which creates great opportunities for team fights and one-on-one battles.

Shock Risk: Located beneath a massive conductive kite in the sky that harvests lightning on the planet Leviathan, Shock Risk features multiple unique arenas for battling with rival crews with pathways that converge on a large center tower.

During the Open Beta weekend, a new world and fifth map will be introduced: Bone Mines on the planet Akkar.

Bone Mines: The remains of massive vastadons on the tropical planet Akkar have become the site of a lucrative Guild mining operation, where you will fight through the excavated bones and mining caverns in a mix of close-quarters and mid-range combat.

The Concord Beta will also have multiple modes to fit your mood, whether it’s to jump in for a quick match after work or to team up with friends for more coordinated and competitive play.

The Concord Early Access Beta weekend will launch with three modes:

Trophy Hunt: A respawn-based mode where you fight to take down members of the rival crew and collect their bounty cards to earn points for your team. The first team to reach the target score before time runs out wins the match.

Cargo Run: A no-respawn mode where teams compete to retrieve the Blue Buddy robotic package delivery system, plant it at one of the zones, and defend it from the rival crew to win.

Clash Point: A round-based, no-respawn game mode where teams compete to control a single capture zone at a central location on the map.

Then, during the Open Beta weekend, you’ll be able to try out a new mode: Area Control.

Area Control: A respawn mode where teams compete to control multiple capture and control zones around the map. Control two or more zones to increase your team’s score and reach the point threshold to win.

Witness the beginning of the Northstar Crew’s Story

Alongside familiarizing yourself with the Northstar crew through gameplay, you’ll also be able to see the beginning of their story. When you play the beta, you’ll be welcomed with the very first of our cinematic vignettes—brief cinematics that, when Concord launches, will premiere every week in game. When the Beta Early Access launches and then when the Open Beta starts, we’ll introduce new cinematic vignettes in-game to give you a small glimpse into how the Northstar crew’s stories will unfold each week.

We can’t wait to see you all in-game during the Concord Beta to experience just some of the content that will be available when the game launches on August 24 (Asia time zone) and will grow over time through post-launch updates at no additional cost.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information about the beta, including pre-load and server availability timing, PC specs, and more, by following Concord on Twitter/X, Instagram, and TikTok, as well as by joining the community in the Official Concord Discord.

*Account for PlayStation™Network and internet connection required. Beta terms and conditions apply.

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