Zenless Zone Zero debuts on PS5 July 4– details on combat, new area and characters unveiled

June 28, 2024
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Hello, Proxies! Greetings from the Zenless Zone Zero dev team. I’m Zhenyu Li, the producer of Zenless Zone Zero. After four years of development, three rounds of closed beta tests, and countless improvements, I’m thrilled that Zenless Zone Zero is officially launching July 4 on PS5! Hereby, I would like to share the most up-to-date game content with you in this blog post.

Alluring narrative with distinctive characters

Zenless Zone Zero is a new urban fantasy ARPG by Hoyoverse, in which a calamity called Hollows – an abnormal spherical dimension that appears out of thin air and swallows everything it touches – destroys modern society. New Eridu, the last remaining metropolis, has risen against the odds amidst this destructive catastrophe and become the remnant of contemporary civilization. In the game, players assume the role of Proxy, accompanied by unique characters to explore Hollows, combat enemies, complete commissions, and reveal the mysteries behind New Eridu.

Despite the post-apocalyptic setting, the world of Zenless Zone Zero is filled with fascinating stories and dynamic characters. After encountering the odd-job agency Cunning Hares and the remarkable industrial group Belobog Heavy Industries in early chapters, you can unlock the Chapter 2 Interlude and Chapter 3 of the main story, in which Officer Zhu Yuan makes her official debut and members from Victoria Housekeeping disclose their true colors.

On top of that, new characters Lucy and Piper from a faction in the outer ring of New Eridu known as Sons of Calydon are also prepared to join you in exploring the menacing Hollows as playable agents. Moreover, numerous newly designed Bangboos are under your command as companions with unique abilities in battle.

The bustling cityscape of New Eridu

In previous playtests, you may have seen Sixth Street, which is actually only a small part of New Eridu. In the global launch version, Lumina Square, the buzzing commercial district of New Eridu is ready for Proxies’ exploration. Strolling around the city, you will find adorable Bangboos in need of rescue, cargo trucks hidden in corners with various rewards and surprises awaiting.

As the adventure commences, the legendary Proxy named Phaethon has also expanded the video store Random Play’s second floor where you can rest in bed, play music, or customize the photo walls to transcribe precious memories along the journey. 

Dynamic combat system

Catering to both new and veteran players of the action genre, Zenless Zone Zero strikes a balance between accessibility and complexity. The consolidation of combat mechanics including Chain Attacks, Perfect Assist, switching characters, etc., offers players an opportunity to unleash their creativity and immerse themselves in the fast-paced combat.

To satisfy players’ various preferences, newly implemented Combat Commissions allow combat-focused Proxies to dive in and start the battle right away. Meanwhile, avid action players can keep reinforcing their battle skills in combat challenges such as Hollow Zero and Shiyu Defense – find the Scott Outpost which overlooks the most massive and impactive Hollow existing in New Eridu to access them.

To celebrate the accomplishment of 40 million global sign-ups and to embrace the official launch of the game, we have prepared bountiful in-game rewards including up to 1600 Polychromes, 90 Master Tapes, 20 Encrypted Master Tapes, and 85 Boopons for global players. You can obtain all the rewards by advancing the in-game progress, participating in global launch activities, and experiencing numerous time-limited in-game events including Friendship Supervision and Watch Your Step.

Once again, as the launch date approaches, we want to express our sincere gratitude to all the players who’ve shown tremendous support and interest in Zenless Zone Zero. We can’t achieve any of this without you. Our joint journey begins when Zenless Zone Zero launches July 4 on PS5. Please stay tuned for more exciting details and stories we have conscientiously prepared for Proxies around the world. See you soon in New Eridu!

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