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Returnal: hands-on preview

Apr 01, 2021Comments off

Returnal launches on April 30. This PS5 exclusive is the result of four years of meticulous crafting by Housemarque, the Finnish studio known for the

The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced ...

Mar 31, 2021Comments off

The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced is a new version of ESO designed to make full use of the native power of the PlayStation 5

PlayStation Plus games for April: Days Gone...

Mar 31, 2021Comments off

Welcome back one of PlayStation’s heroes turned unlikely revolutionary, withstand the worst an unforgiving wilderness can throw at you and repel an undead armageddon with

Brew your perfect beer in new sim Brewmaste...

Mar 31, 2021Comments off

Hello, PlayStation players! We here at Auroch Digital and Sold Out are excited to announce that our homebrewing simulator game, Brewmaster, will be coming to

Introducing the Expeditions update for No M...

Mar 31, 2021Comments off

Hello! We are pleased to announce that today we are releasing Expeditions, a major update for No Man’s Sky, across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and

The Spring Sale comes to PlayStation Store

Mar 30, 2021Comments off

The Spring Sale arrives on PlayStation Store Wednesday, March 31. It brings with it promotions on a multitude of games, add-ons and more, including the

Surviving the indie gauntlet with Undermine

Mar 30, 2021Comments off

My name is Clint Tasker, creative director and co-founder of Thorium, and I’m stoked to introduce Undermine to all you PlayStation fans. We heard you.

Meet The Trickster, Dead by Daylight’s sh...

Mar 30, 2021Comments off

Hello, people of the Fog! We’re excited to announce that Dead by Daylight’s new Chapter is now available, bringing with it a resilient new Survivor,

Destruction AllStars interview: the PS5 tec...

Mar 30, 2021Comments off

We’re now into our second month of car-wrecking, platform-leaping action after PS5 exclusive Destruction AllStars made its debut on PlayStation Plus in February. We’ve witnessed

What kind of detective to become in Disco E...

Mar 29, 2021Comments off

Forget what you know about being a detective. That’s right, leave your trench coat and magnifying glass behind. We want you to invent your own