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Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: Brea...

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Leverage a suite of new robotic parts with the KAL-1000! Breaking Ground is the second DLC available on PS4 for the award-winning multi-genre space exploration game, Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition. One core aspect of Kerbal


BB-8 and BB-9E will be playable in Star War...

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Battlefront 2 gets Rise of Skywalker content later in December – but one addition set for 2020 rises above them all: playable BB-8. BB-8, who hits Battlefront 2 late January 2020, is a hero character for


The next Outlast game is co-op survival

Dec 04, 2019Comments off

The Outlast Trials has been announced – and it’s got co-op. The Outlast Trials isn’t a sequel to the two prior games, but it is breaking new ground for the series with co-op gameplay. “The Outlast


Alien Isolation on Switch looks better than...

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Since the arrival of the Doom 2016 port for Switch, we’ve been continually impressed by developers’ efforts to bring games designed for far more powerful hardware over to Nintendo’s console hybrid. Even in the best cases,


Sony pulls its own PlayStation 4 promo vide...

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As the second instalment of its kind, the PlayStation 4 Lineup Music Video Winter Mix was supposed to showcase Sony’s extensive game catalogue while accompanied by beautiful music and creative animations. It appears to have failed


Finally, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire ge...

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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire finally has a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release date. It comes out in just over a month: 28th January 2020. We’ve been waiting for this for a while. The original


Resident Evil 3 fans are having fun with re...

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A remake of Resident Evil 3 is in development, even if Capcom hasn’t actually announced the project. And, courtesy of yesterday’s box art leak, we now have our first look at the re-jigged Nemesis, which is


Celebrate PlayStation’s Anniversary With ...

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We hope you’ve been enjoying our #25YearsOfPlay celebrations this week! We’re keeping things rolling today with a selection of wallpapers hand-crafted by our pal Cory Schmitz, fitted for your desktop or mobile device. These designs focus


The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics...

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I’m David Whitfield, Product Manager at En Masse Entertainment for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics. Today, we here at En Masse Entertainment, along with our friends at BonusXP, are happy to announce that The


Here’s where you can get the Persona ...

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After yesterday’s leak and eventual announcement of the Persona 5 Royal release date, it’s now possible to secure your copy of the special Phantom Thieves Edition. This version of the Atlus RPG (which was given an