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Golem Gates Fuses Deck Building with Action...

May 16, 2019Comments off

A unique hybrid of gaming styles, Golem Gates blends elements of action-strategy and card-based battling, and it’s coming to PS4 on May 28. The game takes place on Earth, thousands of years in the future, where


Creating the Soundtrack for Days Gone

May 15, 2019Comments off

Spoiler Warning: This post discusses major story beats from Days Gone. If you’re still working your way through the game and don’t want to read about events from throughout its story, now’s your chance to turn


Ubisoft’s open-world pirate adventure...

May 15, 2019Comments off

Ubisoft’s long-in-the-works open-world pirate adventure Skull & Bones has been delayed again, seemingly pushing any potential new release date beyond March next year. Skull & Bones was originally unveiled back at E3 2017, and was expected


The Persistence: Complete Edition Out Soon,...

May 15, 2019Comments off

Ever since The Persistence was released back in July 2018, we’ve been overwhelmed by reviews, video blogs and positive feedback from players all around the world. Since then, we have added lots of free new features,


Undead Horde Brings Necromancy to Your Livi...

May 15, 2019Comments off

Hello, dear PlayStation.Blog readers! Undead Horde releases today on PlayStation 4! The game is a “necromancer simulator” combining elements from action-RPG, strategy, hack ’n slash and minion games. I’d like to share some background details from


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s R...

May 15, 2019Comments off

This piece contains spoilers for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The main quest of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey isn’t really about fighting an evil cult. It’s not even about settling the fate of the Greek world, though, hey, if


Days Gone, The Division 2 and Anthem drop t...

May 15, 2019Comments off

There’s a raft of excellent PlayStation 4 game deals bouncing around the net today on some of the console’s biggest and newest titles, so I’ve done my best job to corral the horde together for you


Konami Confirms Japanese Versions Coming to...

May 15, 2019Comments off

As part of the Konami 50th Anniversary series, Konami’s Castlevania Collection assembles for the first time many of the early ground-breaking titles into a single, cohesive themed collection. When the developers created Castlevania in 1986/1987, little


Fortnite’s John Wick skin and LTM det...

May 15, 2019Comments off

Considering John Wick is an assassin, he’s not doing a very good job of keeping his upcoming arrival in Fortnite hidden. After an astute Reddit user noticed his house had appeared at Paradise Palms, leaker FortTory

Ubisoft creative director appears to confir...

May 14, 2019Comments off

It barely seems like a few days ago that Eurogamer was bemoaning Ubisoft’s continued reluctance to properly resurrect its much loved Splinter Cell series. And now, in an entirely unexpected turn events, Ubisoft creative director Julian