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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for January...

Jan 25, 2019Comments off

Next week, Square Enix hands over the keys to the kingdom. In this case, “key” means Keyblade and “the kingdom” is none other than Kingdom Hearts III. That’s right, the wait to continue the tale of


Subnautica’s standalone expansion Bel...

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Developer Unknown Worlds has announced that Below Zero, the ice-themed standalone expansion for superb underwater exploration adventure Subnautica, is entering Steam early access next week, on January 30th. Below Zero was announced last August and is


All EA games affected as publisher’s ...

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Players are struggling to get online in the likes of FIFA, Battlefield 5, and Star Wars: Battlefront 2, as EA continues to experience issues across its entire server network following the launch of Anthem’s VIP demo


Surreal Soviet-era shooter Atomic Heart sho...

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Developer Mundfish has shared ten minutes of its upcoming, wonderfully atmospheric Soviet-era shooter Atomic Heart, which is due to release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC at some currently unspecified future point. Atomic Heart first unfurled


Share of the Week: Fear

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Last week, we asked you to face your fears and share some terrifying or hair-raising moments in the game of your choice. After carefully sifting through the fear-inducing entries shared to #PS4share and #PSBlog, here are

Six Anthem tips, tricks and things to know ...

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Anthem’s first Demo is upon us this weekend, and luckily we’ve had a little bit of time to play before it goes live – meaning we’ve gathered a handful of handy tips and good-to-know tricks to


Dead or Alive 6 hasn’t toned down the...

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At E3 2018, the people behind Dead or Alive 6 declared the game had toned down the female sexualisation the series is infamous for. Producer and game director Yohei Shimbori told Eurogamer at the event this


6TB Seagate hard drive down to £96

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Never again delete games on your PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 with this 6TB hard drive – it has space enough for around 100 games. This beefy boy is not only super portable, clocking in


Resident Evil 2 Out Today, Capcom Offers In...

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A city under siege from the undead. Two heroes looking for a way out. Twenty years later, the survival horror masterpiece is reborn in Resident Evil 2, out now for PlayStation 4! For PlayStation fans the


From Raccoon City with Love – 14 Tips to ...

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Happy Resident Evil 2 launch day everyone. Whether it’s your first time in Raccoon City or a return visit to Arklay County, there are plenty of surprises in store in Capcom’s superlative PS4 remake of its